How to pack Oracle database’s binaries in a RPM file

On my list to try next. In my Ubuntu test machine with OEL vm.

Leandro Abite

This article describes how to create a RPM file with oracle’s binaries in it, in order to make easier the process of database installation.


Install the packages rpmdevtools and rpm-build, these packages contains command line like rpmdev-setuptree and rpmbuild that will help to create the RPM structure

#yum install rpmdevtools rpm-build

The oracle database software must be installed on the machine

Generate the RPM structure

Inside the oracle’s home directory execute the command:


This command will create the following directory structure:

|-- rpmbuild
    |-- BUILD
    |-- RPMS
    |-- SOURCES
    |-- SPECS
    `-- SRPMS


The directory SOURCES must have a tar file with all files desired to be added in the RPM file

#tar -cvf oracle11.tar /home/oracle/.bash_profile /u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/rhdb/*

Configuration SPEC file

The directory SPEC is where the spec file with the instructions to create our RPM must be placed

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