When Oracle Patching Goes Wrong – OUI-67124

Great tips on issues that bite during long patching windows!


Sometimes things never quite go according to plan. You can test, and test in a UAT or dev environment, but just sometimes, something comes out of left field when you come to roll it into production. Just such an issue appeared when I was really rolling a patch into production.

This was Exadata BP 11, but it is not really exadata specific. The bundle patch was being applied with the opatch auto command and it all appeared to be going well, and no indication of an issue appeared in the window where I was applying the patch, but when I checked how many patches were installed in the GI home, instead of seeing the following:

I found only the 12902308 patch applied to the GI home. I knew this bundle patch required that I was left with 3 patches applied to the GI home so I knew something had gone…

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