ASM free and usable space in case of Imbalanced Diskgroup

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In case of “normal” situation (I mean no Imbalanced Disks) you should be able to easily know how much space is available into the ASM Diskgroup.

Harald van Breederode already explained it in detail into this blog post.

But now suppose the Diskgroup has imbalanced Disks: It can occurs for several reasons:

  • A rebalance operation has been aborted/halted.
  • A rebalance operation is waiting.
  • Disks are not of the same size.

Let’s simulate an Imbalanced situation and compute the usable free space:

First I created a “balanced” diskgroup with normal redundancy.

SQL> !kfod -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Disk Size Path User Group ================================================================================ 1: 225280 Mb /dev/san/JMO7C43D06 oracle dba 2: 56320 Mb /dev/san/JMO7C52D06 oracle dba 3: 56320 Mb /dev/san/JMO7C61D06 oracle dba 4: 225280 Mb /dev/san/WIN7C43D06 oracle dba 5: 56320 Mb /dev/san/WIN7C52D06 oracle dba 6: 56320 Mb /dev/san/WIN7C61D06 oracle dba -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SQL> create diskgroup BDT normal redundancy failgroup F1 disk '/dev/san/JMO7C52D06' failgroup F2 disk…

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