Configuring AWR Warehouse (AWRW) in EM12c

Pardy DBA

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12cR4 introduces the new “AWR Warehouse (AWRW)” feature, permitting administrators to consolidate AWR statistics from many individual databases managed by OEM into a single AWRW repository database.

As with all Oracle features, you must pay attention to licensing here.  I will not discuss licensing other than to point you to the relevant documents which you must read and understand yourself: Oracle Database Licensing Information 12c Release 1.


At the moment official documentation appears limited to MOS note 1907335.1 and one section of the Oracle Database 2-Day Database + Performance Tuning Guide.  Get familiar with it.


Repository Database

You must use Enterprise Edition for the AWRW repository database.  You must use version or higher, or version with patch 18547891 applied. Oracle recommends you use a database not used for any other purpose. I strongly agree with that recommendation.  Do not use your…

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