How to Create a Database Link in Another User’s Schema

Bookmarked for later more than anything. Need to try variants of this technique on other objects


I saw a post recently describing how to create a database link in another user’s schema. I wanted to post an alternative method so created this post in order to refer to in a comment on the original post. The original post demonstrates how to hijack a user account’s password temporarily, which is a useful piece of information to have, and can be viewed here:

Marko Sutic’s Oracle Blog – Create a Database Link in another user’s schema

The method below shows how to achieve the same without hijacking the password and hence – reduced risk to user upset. However this method does involve rather powerful privileges and the creation of some objects.

Create a test user who is not allowed to create database links.

Now create our power user with CREATE & DELETE ANY PROCEDURE and CREATE DATABASE LINK WITH ADMIN privileges

Now we can use this powerful account…

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