TFA Trace File Analyzer

Be sure to test these date formats in diagcollect. I’ve been getting inconsistent results with v12. Just installed v18 and will test and post results

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TFA = Totally freaking awesome!

Trace file analyzer is a lightweight collection daemon that serves to simplify greatly the process of diagnostic log gathering for troubleshooting purposes. In a RAC clustered environments with many multiple nodes (or even on a standalone environment) – it can sometime be a very time consuming, complex and error prone process to identify, search for and capture all relevant (and who is to say whats relevant or not in
the initial stages of an investigation) log info.

The TFA client daemon endeavours to collect all relevant logging information from a problem timeframe specific for ASM, Grid infra and oracle database, including operating system metrics and all assumed necessary diagnostics logs in a single execution. It aims
to speed up the SR process by fetching all the combined diagnostics info in “one pass”.

A collections of files for analysis can be initiated adhoc (or scheduled to happen automatically) from any…

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