Oracle: Relocate Fast-Recovery-Area (FRA)

Note placeholder for relocating FRA before backing up to Oracle Cloud for client testing


As our database grows and grows, here especially in respect of backupsize and daily generated archive-logs, we may sometime get to a point when we have to relocate our FRA to another device with more free space. This could also be the case in a situation when we have run out of FRA-space because of an unexpected sudden massive increase of archived redologs. I just had the latter when some developers had run an upgrade of their application.

Luckily it is no big fuss to change the FRAs destination directory. It’s just a matter of changing the location with

alter system set db_recovery_file_dest='/usr4/oracle/fast_recovery_area' scope=both;

and increasing the FRAs size with

alter system set db_recovery_file_dest_size=100g scope=both;

To test the new settings we can initiate a redolog-archiving:

alter system switch logfile;
alter system checkpoint;

After this we should see a new subdirectory in the new FRA-Location with our DB’s SID as name…

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