Root Filesystem Full – No Space Left on Device due to open files

This happened to me on a /home directory. Filled to 100% due to an errant user export that was not cleaned up

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Here’s an interesting scenario that I was asked to look into recently with the root file system on an Oracle database server filling up. Normally cleaning up disk space is straight forward; find the large and/or old files and delete them. However, in this case there was a difference is space usage reported between df and du, and the find utility could not locate any file over 1G in size.

Here’s the status of the root file system which was causing the “No Space Left on Device” error message.

After deleting around 2G of old files and logs, the error went away but the output of df -h showed the root file system slowing filling up again. These directory sizes hardly changed at all, only MB differences. From the “/” directory, here are all the directories that are on the “/” file system as seen in df -h $dir .

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