Phrack is Back! After A Four Year Hiatus

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                Volume 0x0f, Issue 0x45, Phile #0x01 of 0x10

|=-------------------------=[ Introduction ]=----------------------------=|
|=----------------------=[ by the Phrack staff ]=------------------------=|
|=-----------------------=[ ]=--------------------------=|
|=-------------------------=[  May 6, 2016  ]=---------------------------=|

               ... A long time ago in a galaxy far far away ...

                     ______ _                    _
                     | ___ \ |                  | |
                     | |_/ / |__  _ __ __ _  ___| | __
                     |  __/| '_ \| '__/ _` |/ __| |/ /
                     | |   | | | | | | (_| | (__|   <
                     \_|   |_| |_|_|  \__,_|\___|_|\_\

                            _  _    ____  _____
                          _| || |_ / ___||  _  |
                         |_  __  _/ /___ | |_| |
                          _| || |_| ___ \\____ |
                         |_  __  _| \_/ |.___/ /
                           |_||_| \_____/\____/

--[ Introduction

Hello Phrack readers! It has been a long time, hasn't it? Aren't you
relieved that the world didn't end in 2012?! What if the Mayans were right?
What if comets hit Earth? Yes, we were worried too, so we decided to take
some time off and enjoy the last days of this planet. Once enough time had
passed, we were pretty sure our species was not going to disappear. It was
about time we returned to our blinking terminals again and finish what we
started :>

Um... yeah, that's the reason the last Phrack release was back in 2012...
Um... Kind of...

Damn, it took so long that even a Star Wars sequel was shot in the

Anywayz, the Phrack Staff is back again, with a slightly different
editorial, bringing you an awesome collection of articles from several
respected hackers and other thinkers. No, we are not going to write a
Prophile on our new team. Yes, there are still people who prefer Phrack
over media whoring. The world is full of surprises. It took quite some
time, but we hope this issue of Phrack will meet your expectations.

One new addition to Phrack is the "Paper Feed" feature. The way it works is
that you submit a paper, we review it and it gets published. No need to
wait a month (or two years ;-) until you see your article in the next
Phrack issue. When the time has come, we'll decide to compile a new issue
from the articles that have been submitted. The usual rules do however
still apply: we are proud of being one of the longest-running magazines and
we're especially proud of presenting quality content to our readers (yes,
that's you). Papers submitted to the paper feed are no exception!

Phrack #69 brings you three new technical articles in addition to paper
feed and the standard Linenoise, Loopback and International Scenes philes.
The Firefox hater code-named argp presents advanced exploitation techniques
and attempts to build abstract primitives for taking advantage of various
memory-related vulnerabilities on your "favorite" multi-heap browser ;>
Huku, some guy who, obviously, visits porn sites a lot, has written an art
of exploitation phile focusing on Adobe Flash Player (hey, this is not
P0 man!). Last but not least, uty presents a VT-x based technique for
installing inline hooks and backdooring a whole system. We have spent much
time debugging this, we hope you *do* like it.

This release also comes with an excellent prophile on Solar Designer, a
person we all respect for his knowledge, attitude and contributions. We
were initially hesitant to contact him (yeah this guy has a damn busy
schedule), but it turned out that Solar was positive about being
prophiled. We believe this prophile will inspire a lot of people in the
scene - it's undoubtedly one of the best prophiles ever published in Phrack
and a great honor for all readers.

Enjoy maafakaz!

--[ Dark thoughts about the future

As we mentioned above, you have probably noticed a big change in the way
Phrack papers are released. We have decided to also have a paper feed mode
in addition to periodic releases, where each submitted work, that meets the
requirements, is released as soon as it has undergone proper reviewing. We
understand that this may not be as cool as releasing an issue at once, but
it was a necessary choice we had to make to avoid having Phrack fade out of
existence. The hope with this, is that now all you crazy world traveling,
conference speaking rockstars may have a medium for releasing a deeper dive
into the technology that you are presenting, and we can publish this at
the exact moment you are on stage. Personally, we would much prefer this
than trying to extract it ourselves from your pretty slide decks.

I guess we are all responsible for this. The community as a whole. The
hackers, the phreakers and all those tech perverts out there who have
stopped supporting Phrack. Trust me you would be disappointed if you had a
look at our inbox... or maybe no one uses ANTISPAM anymore? :>

For all you hackers out there thinking "I don't have a large project
ready for paper generation", consider writing something for Linenoise. 
Linenoise submissions take between a few hours and one day. As a community 
everyone has some small technique or cool trick that can save other people 
time, Linenoise offers an easy place to share these.

In this issue you will find a very interesting article titled "The Fall of
Hacker Groups". Take some time to read it through and wonder why the fuck
did we get here. The state of mind of the community seems to be changing
dramatically - what have you done to prevent hacking from practically

Quoting Phrack #63:

    "As long as there are hackers, there will be PHRACK magazine."

Now take some time, read this issue carefully, and notice the "as long as"
part in the previous sentence :>

--[ Table of contents

  0x01  Introduction ........................................ Phrack Staff

  0x02  Phrack Prophile on Solar Designer ................... Phrack Staff

  0x03  Phrack World News ................................... Phrack Staff

  0x04  Linenoise ........................................... various

  0x05  Loopback ............................................ Phrack Staff

  0x06  The Fall of Hacker Groups ........................... strauss

  0x07  Revisiting Mac OS X Kernel Rootkits ................. fG!

  0x08  Adobe Shockwave:
        A case study on memory disclosure ................... Aaron Portnoy

  0x09  Modern Objective-C Exploitation Techniques .......... nemo

  0x0a  Self-patching Microsoft XML with misalignments
        and factorials ...................................... Alisa Esage

  0x0b  Internet Voting: A Requiem for the Dream ............ kerrnel

  0x0c  Attacking Ruby on Rails Applications ................ joernchen

  0x0d  Obituary for an Adobe Flash Player bug .............. huku

  0x0e  OR'LYEH? The Shadow over Firefox .................... argp

  0x0f  How to hide a hook: A hypervisor for rootkits ....... uty & saman

  0x10  International Scenes ................................ various

--[ Greetings & thanks

For this issue we have a long list of people we would like to thank. This
issue wouldn't be complete had it not been for their support.

  * strauss       : Straus.. staruss... strsauss.. whatever man!
  * fG!           : The legendary white hat(ed) hero!
  * Aaron Portnoy : Real name detected!
  * nemo          : That lolcat you see in various memes ;-)
  * Alisa Esage   : Knows how to write exploits and doesn't work for P0
  * kerrnel       : What's with the extra "r"?
  * joernchen     : Ruby two-handed fapper
  * argp          : Hardcore Shakira fan - Favorite song "Heaps don't lie"
  * huku          : Casual youporn uploader
  * sysk          : Proud yolo Phrack supporter
  * uty & saman   : Makefiles suck!
  * solardiz      : Awesomeness prophiled
  * fjserna       : Guest reviewer of, well, you can figure out what
  * anonymous     : You know who you are, thanks for you support!

Last but not least, Phrack Staff is indebted to <redacted> *wink *wink*
for his support all these years. You have our respect for everything you
have offered to this magazine. We are now in different teams, but we will
always be glad to have some beers with you and talk about dirty hacks ;>
See you soon man!

Phrack is back! Prepare your arse for a new awesome release of your
favorite zine.

--[ Phrack policy

phrack:~# head -77 /usr/include/std-disclaimer.h
 *  All information in Phrack Magazine is, to the best of the ability of
 *  the editors and contributors, truthful and accurate.  When possible,
 *  all facts are checked, all code is compiled.  However, we are not
 *  omniscient (hell, we don't even get paid).  It is entirely possible
 *  something contained within this publication is incorrect in some way.
 *  If this is the case, please drop us some email so that we can correct
 *  it in a future issue.
 *  Also, keep in mind that Phrack Magazine accepts no responsibility for
 *  the entirely stupid (or illegal) things people may do with the
 *  information contained herein.  Phrack is a compendium of knowledge,
 *  wisdom, wit, and sass.  We neither advocate, condone nor participate
 *  in any sort of illicit behavior.  But we will sit back and watch.
 *  Lastly, it bears mentioning that the opinions that may be expressed in
 *  the articles of Phrack Magazine are intellectual property of their
 *  authors.
 *  These opinions do not necessarily represent those of the Phrack Staff.

                      ----( Contact )----

       <  Editors           : staff[at]phrack{dot}org   >
       >  Submissions       : staff[at]phrack{dot}org   <
       <  Commentary        : loopback[@]phrack{dot}org >
       >  Phrack World News : pwned[at]phrack{dot}org   <

    Submissions may be encrypted with the following PGP key:
    (Hint #1: Always use the PGP key from the latest issue)
    (Hint #2: ANTISPAM or it didn't happen)

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