12c DataGuard Validate and More

It seems to be the season for DR drills. This is a good entry point for DG re-acquaintance.

Thinking Out Loud

12c Dataguard Switchover Best Practices using DGMGRL(Dataguard Broker Command Prompt) (Doc ID 1582837.1)	

db_unique_name=hawka (primary)
db_unique_name=hawkb (standby)

Configuration - hawkdg
  Protection Mode: MaxPerformance
    hawka - Primary database
      hawkb - Physical standby database 

Validate DataGuard Configurations.

Monitorable (Read-Only) Properties

show configuration verbose

show database verbose hawka
show database verbose hawkb

validate database verbose hawka
validate database verbose hawkb

There is no need to use on database if the instance names are unique across primary and standby environments.

You might ask, why are instance name not the  same on primary and standby?

I don’t know.

show instance verbose hawka1 on database hawka
show instance verbose hawka2 on database hawka

show instance verbose hawkb1 on database hawkb
show instance verbose hawkb2 on database hawkb

The InconsistentProperties monitorable property returns a table that shows all properties whose values contained in the broker configuration file are inconsistent with the values in the…

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