How to reset the lost Weblogic Admin User password?

OBIEE by Shiva Molabanti

You installed OBIEE 11G and you did not write down the Weblogic Domain admin password, or you’ve had it installed for a while and can’t remember what the password is to get into the WebLogic Admin console to make a change. This post will help you do that so you can get on with your business.

1. Make sure all the services are down

2. change directory to <Middleware_Home>user_projectsdomainsbifoundation_domainbin

cd <Middleware_Home>user_projectsdomainsbifoundation_domainbin

3. Source the setDomainEnv.cmd(Windows) / (Linux) script so we can get all the WebLogic variables set correctly

In windows: setDomainEnv.cmd

In Linux: .

4. Now change the directory to security directory in your instance.

cd <Middleware_Home>user_projectsdomainsbifoundation_domainsecurity

5. Move the DefaultAuthenticatorInit.ldift to a backup file

In Windows:

mv DefaultAuthenticatorInit.ldift DefaultAuthenticatorInit_old.ldift

In Linux:

mv DefaultAuthenticatorInit.ldift DefaultAuthenticatorInit_old.ldift

6. Run the “java newuser newpassword .” to generate a new DefaultAuthenticatorInit.ldift with a new user with the…

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